Articles by NRoach44

  1. Canon BJC-50 / BJC-50v Drivers & Software

    The Canon BJC-50 (and BJC-50v) is a portable Inkjet printer from the late 90s. It supported printing with both black, and CMYK inks, and scanning with a special print head (IS-12). It connects via Parallel or IRDA.

    The BJC-50v is just the Japanese version of the BJC-50. It looks like …

  2. HP T5720 Thin Client Drivers & Software

    The HP T5720 is a Thin Client, a minimal computer designed to simply relay data to / from a central server, from 2007. It is entirely passively cooled, and is well suited to Retro-Computing thanks to using older hardware.


    The HP T5720 is a Thin Client, and is designed to …