HP T5720 Thin Client Drivers & Software

The HP T5720 is a Thin Client, a minimal computer designed to simply relay data to / from a central server, from 2007. It is entirely passively cooled, and is well suited to Retro-Computing thanks to using older hardware.


The HP T5720 is a Thin Client, and is designed to be used with the Unified Write Filter enabled. This UWF disables writes to the internal storage for normal operation, as the storage module is not designed for extensive read / write use. If you install another OS, either install the UWF (Windows XP + ?), replace the storage (e.g. IDE to CF/SD) or simply be aware that the drive will wear out sooner than expected.


Windows 98

These were sourced from https://www.philscomputerlab.com/hp-t5720.html - thanks Phil!

Note: The system firmware emulates USB hardware (Keyboard, Mouse, Floppy, Optical Drive, USB Drivers) and presents them to the OS as a legacy equivalent - this means that USB drives may be corrupted because the OS sees two drives, and assumes that they are different file systems. I'm not aware how to disable this, other than to attach it after the system's booted.

Windows XP

I haven't installed XP from scratch, but there is a copy of the XPe image (as a deployment archive) and some of the software modules here.